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Serving since rail operations began in Singapore in 1987, we have the experience and practical expertise to help you meet the high demands of efficiency, safety and good infrastructure utilization.

Operation & Maintenance Solutions

Operational Responsiveness Solutions — Rapid & Reliable

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Advanced Station Operations Management System (ASOMS)​

Optimize operational efficiency with an integrated platform for staff scheduling, ticketing cash management, defect & incident reporting and dissemination of crisis-critical information.

ASOMS automates manually intensive practices and provides critical information for accurate decision-making.

Mobile Operation and Maintenance System (MOMS)

Retrieve and update maintenance information on-the-go for faster rectifications and repairs.

MOMS offers a holistic view of the maintenance work and simplifies tedious work processes, freeing up staff to perform more complex roles.

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Protect People, Places And Processes

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Track Access Management System (TAMS)

Ensure worker safety, prevent incident loss and disruptions by managing, reporting and reducing track-access related risks.

TAMS automates and optimises track booking and control process in order to better manage our maintenance activities.

Advanced Train Operations Management System (ATOMS)

Enhance visibility and control over daily operations, equipment, and manpower to maximise utilization and minimise service lapses.

ATOMS helps monitor train movements and signaling, as well as planning train routes and diversions.

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Manage The Big Picture with Operational Precision

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Rail Incident Management System (RIMS)

Efficiently track failures and delays to provide timely response, consolidation, recovery and restoration of services.

RIMS enables us to minimise inconvenience caused to commuters in the event of a rail disruption.

Overwatch – AI Enabled Decision Support Platform

Manages information on operation events to support decision-making. Overwatch optimizes situation awareness of stakeholders to enhance mitigation responsiveness.

Overwatch alerts staff to unexpected dwell times so that they can implement appropriate mitigation measures to minimize the impact on the punctuality of other services.

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Harness the Power of Predictability

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Predictive Decision Support System (PDSS)

Manage asset health with data-driven decisions to maximise performance, minimise risk of catastrophic failure and reduce the frequency of corrective maintenance.

PDSS aggregates data from various maintenance systems to prioritise certain maintenance activities ahead of others and predict potential issues.

Enterprise Resource Planning Maintenance Analytics Platform (ERPMAP)

Analysis & visualisation of maintenance activities are integrated in ERPMAP. The identified asset condition trends & outliers are used to guide O&M planning.

ERPMAP is a train-focused application that provides complex analyses, such as trending/outlier identification across train fleets and their sub-systems to identify assets with reliability issues.

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